WORK IN A WAREHOUSE ON A PIECE-RATE BASIS (based on your productivity)

Pruszcz Gdański
  • About employer

    Manbroker Sp. z o.o. is looking for employees to assemble orders in a warehouse for a client from the food industry.

    Location: Będzieszyn (outskirts of Pruszcz Gdański, 10 km from Gdańsk)

  • Job Description:

    • The job involves assembling orders using a scanner. 
    • The warehouse specializes in food products for the Żabka store chain. 
    • The required items will need to be collected on pallets or manual carts. 
    • The work is on a piece-rate basis. 
    • Workplace cleaning.

  • Requirements:

    • The candidate must legally reside in the territory of Poland.
    • No experience or language skills required.
    • Willingness to work at speed.
    • Willingness to work at a temperature of +6°C.
    • Willingness to work more than 8 hours on some days of the week, including nights (after 22:00).

  • We offer:


    • Rate for the first two weeks of training is 21.79 PLN/hour net. For students under 26 years old, from 28.10 PLN/hour net.
    • After training, from 26.6 to 45.5 PLN net/h depending on productivity. For one item collected, 0.19 PLN net is paid; between 140 to 240 items are collected per hour.

    Work schedule:

    • Work in 1 shift for 8-12 hours, depending on the number of orders.
    • From Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are days off.
    • Shift starts at 14:00.
    • Approximately 200 hours per month.


    • Contract of mandate (umowa zlecenie).


    • Accommodation costs 750-800 PLN per month, deducted from salary. 2-4 people per room. Possibility for couples to stay separately. Accommodation in the village of Cieplewo in good conditions. Transport to work from the accommodation is organized.

    Additional information

    • Comfortable work clothes are your own. The warehouse temperature is +6°C.
    • Assistance with obtaining a residence card.
    • No refund for own accommodation and self-arranged commute.